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Leading with Integrity and Humility. Growing an Authentic Business for Long Term Success. Facing Reality. Building a Values-Based Culture.

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Emerson College School of Communication

Sabrina Horn joined the Women in Business Leadership discussion panel, which featured women in leadership who have paved the way from tech PR to media and the arts. Through their own perspectives, they discussed the challenges that still face women, and emphasized the necessity of having women in leadership roles for creating a more equitable society.

Perkiomen School

Sabrina Horn emphasized the values of honesty and integrity, and shared this advice with the students sof Perkiomen School:

"It’s okay not to know the answer. Humility is the most wonderful, inviting, inclusive personality trait. ‘Tell me more’ - those are three beautiful words. Ask people for advice. Ask questions. It actually shows strength.”

Topics for
Talks, Speeches, Panels and Fireside Chats

How to Be An Authentic Leader

Driven to succeed, entrepreneurs and business people are often tempted to take the short cuts that only sabotage their success. More than ever, all leaders, whether aspiring or arrived, must take a hard U-turn back to integrity. This topic takes me into many different themes, from identifying the situations that compel leaders to fake it, sharing mental maps to build personal resilience, building infrastructure to catch and eliminate fakery, creating an authentic brand, and running a tight ship.

Building Leadership Resilience

Leaders frequently find themselves trying to solve problems for which there are no obvious answers. The unknown, and the fear of it, can cause procrastination, delay, and failure.  Learn how to disarm fear and organize risk by developing frameworks to identify options within the current reality. I also uncover the factors that cause C-level loneliness and imposter syndrome, and share how to build resilience and confidence through mentorship, gratitude, and connection.

Grounding Management and Communications in Truth

You just lost a huge deal. Your product is delayed. Customers are defecting, and key employees are quitting.  Instead of shoving the problem under the rug or pointing at others, take responsibility and face reality. Learn how to use self-assessments and postmortems to quickly learn from and avoid repeating mistakes. Learn how to communicate with authenticity and humility without losing authority. Workshops in communications to navigate difficult situations and crises are also offered.

How Women Can Discover Their Leadership Potential Through Authenticity

Women in leadership positions have a unique opportunity and responsibility to break with the past and set new standards for DEI in their businesses. It all starts with “making it” knowing you never need to fake it. I offer five strategies for women to build a high-performing team in a values-driven company.

Other Topics

Protecting Your Brand

Building a strong brand isn’t something you can whip up overnight, imitate, bolt-on later, or change every six months. Learn how to build and maintain an authentic brand.

Plan for The Worst, Hope for the Best

Crisis almost always comes with the element of surprise and can destroy your business overnight.  These days, imagining and preparing for the unimaginable are not only prudent, they are required.

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