Empathetic Leadership in Action

Empathetic leadership in action

Empathy, like humility, is one of the most underrated superpowers of leadership today. It is more than a buzzword or a trend that people are craving due to the impact of the pandemic. We live in a world where diversity, equity, and inclusion finally have a seat at the table, where there is much less…

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Imposter Syndrome: What It Is and Tools to Conquer It

imposter syndrome, Girls trying on carnival masks with happy or sad expressions.

Imposter syndrome is the uncomfortable feeling that the success you achieved was due to good luck or good timing and that you’ll be exposed for being a fraud when in fact you earned your success honestly and earnestly. It affects 70% of all overachievers, mostly women and minorities, although plenty of men are affected by…

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Planning Magic: The Hocus Pocus of Focus

Business People Meeting Design Ideas Concept

As a CEO, you strive to stay focused on your core business—key to the solid execution of a business plan. But as a business matures, you discover that macro and micro forces are constantly at play. They distract your focus, presenting opportunities and challenges even as they more urgently prompt you to protect the core.…

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The Worst Time to Develop a Crisis Plan is During a Crisis

Business person with umbrella and stock market arrows concept

  I speak from experience. When you’re in a crisis, you’re too busy responding—implementing, acting—to think through and draw up a careful plan. As a CEO, having pre-emptive crisis plans tailored to the possibility of the unimaginable (cyberattack, earthquake, hurricane, or global pandemic) is not an unreasonable precaution, yet many businesses don’t have them.   …

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